The association Galemo is run and financed by all club members, that is the families. Each family pays a yearly membership fee. The board is responsible for the funding, the employment of the educational personnel and for the consistency in teaching, following the inspiration and guidelines as laid down by M. Montessori.

Most of the budget comes from the monthly school fee and a small portion is financed both by advancements of the federation and sponsorship or earnings from special school events.

The board fixes the school fee in order to be able to meet all liabilities, like rent, energy costs or personnel costs. Therefore the school fee needs to be revised and adjusted yearly.

The current prices for the school fee are in the table below.

Registration fee: Euro 300,– per child, once payable
Security guarantee: Euro 1.500,– per child, once payable
Membership fee: Euro 70,– per family, yearly


School fee for 2020/2021

Classes   Level
Primaria 1 and
Primaria 2
Monday – Thursday (7:45-8:30) – 15:00
Friday (7:45-8:30) – 12:00
meal costs below
1 Euro 533,-
2 Euro 533,-
3 Euro 533,-
4 Euro 533,-
5 Euro 572,- *)
6 Euro 572,- *)
Sekundaria Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 16:00 Uhr
Friday 8:30 – 13:00
meal costs below
7 - 9 Euro 612,-

*) Due to some organisatorical changes from year 2017/2018 on, there is a difference in school fees for existing and new parents depending on which level they join the school (until year 2022/23). For more details please contact us.

Cost for meals currently is 4,50 € per meal. For 2021/2022, this will be a monthly meal cost for approx. 59,-€ . Cost reduction for sick days is not applicable, as the administrative effort would be too much.

Terms and prices for after school care can be found in this table.

School fee will increase with a small yearly index and has to be paid 12 times/year, after school care is charged 10 times/year.

Sibling discount

Younger brothers or sisters will get a discount for school fee: for the first sibling 10%, the second 20% and all other 30%. The discount is only valid when the siblings are attending school at the same time.